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by posted 01/25/2023

** There is a fee to watch the game! See below for information

** Currently ALL TEAM MEMBERS are eligible to play in the game!

Thursday Jan 26th: GAME 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm *Arrive by 4:30 pm - game STARTS at 5:00.

Playoff Game! 5:00 pm @ Holy Trinity Parish (arrive by 4:30 pm)

3050 W 76th Avenue

Westminster, CO  80030

*!* If you need a ride for your athlete, please let Andy or Kristy know. (numbers below) We can arrange for your athlete to get to the game from SPX. 


*Please make sure to wear a WHITE undershirt for the game.

Please take some time now to location your athlete's uniform.

Any questions please text Andy at: 708-829-4910 or Kristy at: 815-325-6263

The bracket we are in is double elimination. This means we have to lose twice to be out of the playoffs. We will be playing at least TWO games. 

All guests are asked to be respectful of the host school. Please pick up any trash before leaving. 

*An admission fee will be charged: $10 per family, $5 per adult, and/or $2 for students/seniors. From what I understand, both cash and checks are accepted. No credit/debit cards! Checks can be made payable to "Archdiocese of Denver."

From the CSAL Director: 

Let us remember to keep our emotions in check while positively supporting our team.  I assure you that at some time in the next few weeks, the officials will make a mistake.  Use these moments to practice mercy, forgiveness, and understanding as opposed to judgement.


Link to bracket:






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