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Basketball Information 2022-2023 Season
by posted 09/24/2022

Note the following: 

  • 3rd and 4th grade are classified as Widgets. 
  • 5th and 6th grade are classified as JV
  • 7th and 8th grades are classified as Varsity
  1. All Basketball Teams are due to CSAL no later than Friday, October 21st.  When emailing the league your team information, include only the following:
    1. School
    2. Gender of Team
    3. Coach’s Name
    4. Classification (Group A or Group B).  For Widgets:  3rd, 4th, or mix.
    5. Level:  Widgets, JV, or Varsity.
    6. Do not send me rosters

Here are two examples:

  • St. Louis, Louisville, JVB Boys (Johnson),
  • Ave Maria, Widgets Girls, 3rd Grade (Milliken)
  1. Team Placement:
    1. Widgets:  Teams may be placed in of three levels-exemptions may be requested but unlikely to be granted.
      1. 3rd Grade-for teams with only 3rd grade students on the team
      2. Mixed 3rd and 4th Grade Level: All 3rd grade teams may be placed at this level.  Rosters that contain fewer than 60% of 4th grade students can play at this level.    
      3. 4th Grade Level:  All 4th grade teams, all 3rd grade teams, or teams with 60% or more 4th grade students.  
    2. JV/ Varsity-Exemptions may be requested but unlikely to be granted.
      1. Group A*
        1. A school’s top team
        2. For schools that have more than 2 teams-a school’s top two teams are to be placed here.
        3. Schools with only one team must place their teams in Group A.  Exemptions are unlikely.  AD’s are to contact Mark to discuss.  
      2. Group B*
        1. For schools with 2 teams, the school’s 2nd team may be placed here.
        2. For schools with 3 or more teams, the school’s 3rd team may be placed here
        3. Schools with 4 teams, may place two teams in Group A and two teams in Group B. 
    3. Schools with two teams in a group will not be placed in the same scheduling group unless the AD requests it. 

*Schools are allowed to have their teams “play-up” a level if they choose

  1.  Scheduling:
    1. Widgets-the schedule will be completed by the Widget Directors.  Schools are to provide gym time for the season and schools will be placed in either the North Division or South Division.  This will be decided once all teams have been submitted. Location of the school and number of teams will decide which Division the team will be placed.  Schools are also to provide the league with any No Play Dates because of Sacraments. 
    2. JV/Varsity-Schedule Groups will be provided to the AD’s once all teams have been submitted.  Scheduling for JV/Varsity games will be hosted at Good Shepherd beginning at 9 am on Saturday, November 5th.  AD’s are expected to remain until all games have been scheduled and posted on the CSAL website.  AD’s are only responsible for uploading their home games. 
  2. Seasons:
    1. Widgets begins Friday, November 11th and ends Saturday, January 7th
    2. JV/Varsity begins Monday, November 14th and ends Thursday, January 12th.
    3. JV/Varsity Schedule Details-all JV/Varsity teams MUST play a minimum of 6 games before Christmas Break.  The week of January 9th is reserved for make-up games only.
  3. Post-Season
    1. Widget post-season begins Thursday, January 12th and concludes Friday, February 3rd or Saturday, February 4th.  NOTE:  JV/Varsity games will not be scheduled these two days.
    2. JV/Varsity:  Tournament begins Thursday, January 19th and concludes Saturday, February 11th.
    3. Note:  Widgets will have a 3rd place game while JV/Varsity will play Championship games only.
    4. Notre Dame and Regis University will host the Widget Championship and 3rd Place games and Mullen will host the JV/Varsity Championship games. 
  4.  No Play or Practice Dates:
    1. November
      • 1: All Saints Day
      • 24: Thanksgiving Day
      • 25:  Friday following Thanksgiving
    2. December
      • 3-No Varsity games until 2 pm due to High School Placement test.  Teams with only 7th grade students may schedule games earlier.
      • 8-Immaculate Conception
      • Christmas Break-see your school’s Christmas Break calendar.
    3. January:  3rd: Teams can begin to play/practice.  This is a local level decision.
  5. Coaches’ Meeting
    1. AD Scheduling Prep Meeting:  This is scheduled for Monday, October 3rd.  The following school must be in attendance:
      1. Ave Maria
      2. Escuela de Guadalupe
      3. Highlight Catholic Ministries
      4. Sacred Heart of Jesus
      5. Shrine of St. Anne
      6. Nativity: Faith and Reason
      7. Our Lady of Fatima
      8. Our Lady of Loreto
      9. St. James
      10. St. Mary’s Academy
      11. St. Mary’s Littleton
      12. St. Pius X
      13. St. Rose
      14. Wellspring

Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/93376900067?pwd=K043SlJsNkN6eGlYbUVPZzVMYWtCUT09

Meeting ID: 933 7690 0067

Passcode: 958219

One tap mobile

+17193594580,,93376900067# US

+13462487799,,93376900067# US (Houston)

  1. Widgets-6:00 pm Monday, October 24th at Notre Dame (In Person)
  2. JV/Varsity: November 10th, 7:00 PM. Zoom link will be provided to you.

6.  Team Rosters (Coaches, Concussion Reps, Players, and Numbers) are to be updated in the CSAL website on or before November 10th.  

7.  Non-parent coaches can register through CSAL website.  Have them create their account by selecting “AD Registration”.  All AD’s have access to this registration account.

8. Teams playing in school based basketball tournaments are to be committed before November 5th.   AD’s are to schedule around this commitment.

9. All local level No Play and No Host need to be determined before October 21st.  Local level No Play Dates include but not limited to:  Christmas concert, retreats, days off from school. Parish celebrations, religious celebration, parent/teacher conferences, parent meetings, etc…Speak with your principal.  Have these date with you when you schedule.  Let Romans know as well as he is scheduling Widgets.  Please note, Ski School is not a local level No Play event.

10. PLCT Seminars: We are offering 16 PLCT Parent Classes and 3 Coaches’ Seminar in the month of October and November.  Registration is now open and advance registration is highly recommended.  An updated database for both coaches and parents will be available to you before October 1st.

11.  Coaches:

  • Teams are allowed to have only 3 coaches on the roster.  Coaches on the roster may only sit on the bench. 
  • All coaches are required to complete the PLCT Coaches Seminar and the state mandated Concussion Course.  School are required to have the concussion certificate on file.

12. There are no COVID-19 protocols for the first time in 3 years!

13. Post-season Divisions:

  1. Group A-Divisions 1 and 2
  2. Group B-Divisions 3 and 4
    1. Schools with a Single team may be placed from Group A into Division 3 for the post-season tournament.
  3. Widgets:
    1. 3rd Grade
    2. Mixed
    3. 4th Grade
    4. A “High” or “Low” level for each division is dependent up on the number of teams registerd for each level.

14. Registration for this year’s 3v3 Basketball Tournament is open.  Please note the following:

  • 3rd and 4th Grade (Widgets):  Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, November 5th at St. Thomas More. 
  • JV/Varsity (5th through 8th Grades):  The tournament is scheduled of Saturday, November 12th at Holy Family High School.
  • Teams do not need a coach.   Coaches will not be allowed on the court.
  • Officials will be at each court
  • Teams may not have more than 5 players.  Individuals without a full team (3 players constitute a full team) will be placed with other players. 
  • Currently, each tournament is single gender, unlike the previous year.  However, if not enough teams/players register, the tournament will become mixed gender. 
  • Teams that are registerd as a “mixed” team, will be placed in the Boys division. 
  • Greg Johnson is the main contact for the 3v3 Basketball tournaments: 


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Holy Family Invitational XC Meet
by posted 09/15/2022

Holy Family CSAL Cross Country Meet

Wednesday, September 21 2021

5195 W. 144th Ave., Broomfield 80023

Our Holy Family Tiger Invitational is certain to be a successful and fun meet. A giant thank you to Holy Family, especially Dave Good, Matt Hauptly, and the Holy Family Cross Country Team  for hosting us on their beautiful campus.  Volunteers from Our Lady of Lourdes, Saint Mary Littleton, and Sacred Heart of Jesus need to be at the finish line at 4:10 pm to be trained.   Please pick up trash and treat the property respectfully so we can continue to have meets here. See below for details about the race:

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CSAL FAll Golf Tournament
by posted 07/13/2022

CSAL Fall Golf Tournament for 5th – 8th graders will be held on October 8th, 2022 at Homestead GC, 11500 W. Hampden Ave., Lakewood, CO 80227 (720) 963-518

Registration Opens:  July 15th, 2022

Deadline to Register:  September 28th, 2022

Check-in Starts @ 2:30pm

Player & Spectator Meeting & Prayer @ 3:15pm

Shot-gun Starts @ 3:30pm

Format:  4-person scramble. Players will have the opportunity to put their own teams together or we will pair you up. Either way, it’ll be a blast!

Cost: $55

Attire: Golf attire

For those participating in Flag Football games, those games will be played in the morning to avoid conflict.

Questions: Tom White @ (303) 419-1220 or  

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3v3 JV/Varsity Basketball Tournament
by posted 07/12/2022

CSAL will be hosting their annual JV/Varsity 3v3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday, November 12th at Holy Family High School.  The tournament is available to boys and girls in 5th through 8th Grades. Advanced registration is required through the CSAL website.  Go to www.csalden.org, select “Register Now”, then click “3v3 JV/Varsity Bball Tournament”. 

Four separate tournaments will be played-5th and 6th grade girls, 5th and 6th grade boys, 7th and 8th girls, and 7th and 8th grade boys.  The cost to participate is $35 per person and is payable at the time of registration (refunds will not be provided).   Registration opens Friday, September 2nd and closes Friday, October 28th.     

Students registering will be able to request their teammates but those names will need to be inputted at the time of registration.   Teams must have 3 players but no more than 5 are allowed to be on a team.  For participants who do not have a full team or who will be registering as a solo player, he/she will be placed with other individual players or on teams that don’t have 5 players.  Teams do not need coaches. 

Many details of the tournament will be based on the number of participants, please not the following information:

  • Registration opens September 2nd and closes October 28th
  • Saturday, November 12th.  Specific times will be announced when registration closes.  Anticipate 5th and 6th grades in the morning and 7th and 8th grades in the afternoon. 
  • 4 brackets:  5th and 6th grade girls, 5th and 6th grade boys, 7th and 8th girls, and 7th and 8th grade boys.
  • Cost $35 per person includes 4 game minimum
  • Members of the team are to wear similar colors or an identical jersey.  Bring two different color tops in case the other team is wearing the same color.  Ask your Athletic Director if the players can wear their school's jersey2
  • 3 players min & 5 max
  • Deadline to register Friday, October 28th. 

If you should have any questions, please contact Greg Johnson at gregj@stthomasmore.org.

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