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The following list are to be completed for all volunteer coaches before each season begins.

1.  Concussion Class-completed annually.  Certificates are filed with the school's athletic director 


2.  Play Like a Champion Coaches Class-completed once.  Certificates are filed with the school's athletic director.  See the CSAL calendar for dates, times, and locations of classes.

3.  Safe Environment Class-completed once and renewed every five (5) years.  Certificates are filed with the school's front office.  Click the following link for times, dates, and locations for classes. 


4.  Background Check.  Completed by the school office. See the Documents Sections for the application.

5.  Volunteer Information Packet.  See the Documents Section on the CSAL website to download application.


All volunteers are encouraged to contact their school's front office to ensure all paperwork has been completed.  It is the responsibility of the school to ensure all requirements have been completed.