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Philosophy and Mission

The Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL) is designed to contribute to the mission of the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools and to the health, well-being, citizenship, and character development of the youth of the League. The mission of the Catholic Schools Athletic League, in partnership with parents, coaches, and volunteers is to offer elementary school students the opportunity to grow in virtue, develop their full potential and become a more committed disciple of Jesus Christ. CSAL emphasizes the following values:

· Participation: Students at all levels of ability are encouraged to participate.

· Respect and Dignity: Participants are encouraged to compete while always showing respect and honoring the dignity of team mates, athletic opponents, coaches, parents, and spectators. Winning is always secondary to good sportsmanship, ethical behavior, mutual trust and showing compassion.

· Gratitude: Student athletes are invited to recognize and be grateful that, out of love, God created them as unique beings and that their varied gifts and talents should be used for the benefit of all and for the greater glory of God.

· Catholic Values: All participant—athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, spectators—are called to uphold Catholic values and to demonstrate those values by word and deed. In addition, CSAL recognizes the importance of observing the Sabbath day by prohibiting all CSAL activities from taking place on Sunday including meetings, practices and games, so that families can remain committed to worship of the Lord and observe a day of rest.

· Safe Environment: CSAL seeks to ensure the protection of all children by requiring that individuals who work with and around children adhere to the policies and procedures as defined by the Child and Youth Protection Office of the Archdiocese of Denver.
These principles and values shall not be sacrificed in the desire to win. Basic to this is the duty of the host school at any athletic event to take every possible measure to assure courteous
, friendly, and fair treatment to visiting players, school officials, coaches, spectators and game officials.